Tech Talk: Samsung Galaxy S8

I got my Samsung Galaxy S8 back in April after it was released and I did the big switch from Sprint to T-Mobile to get this phone. After using the phone for the past 6 months I got some things to get off my chest and let Samsung know how I feel about this phone. As a Samsung Fangirl I really expected more from Samsung as much as they hyped up this phone before the launch. I do love my phone regardless of what I dislike I did pay for this bad boy so it holds a special place in my heart since phone companies make you pay the retail price of the phone so all $900 of this phone made me love it like no other.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is Samsung’s current flagship phone as we await the next one this month. I was a little skeptical about switching to the S8 because the loss of the physical home button but turns out I like the Galaxy better without a home button. I felt upset that they were taking away the home button because I love a physical button, before getting my Note 7 there was no always on display and I mastered pulling my phone out of my pocket with my thumb on the home button to see the time and quick with the fingerprint scanner in the home button to just get into my phone.

The S8 didn’t disappoint when it came to actually needing the home button when the screen is locked. The home button sensitivity is amazing and since I have a habit of pressing the home button to check the time it proved me wrong. The features are similar to any updated Galaxy phone, it’s powerful and beautiful the display is amazing. The bezel-less display makes the phone even better, I have yet to experience lagging on my device and I’m a power user. My phone is on me being used for work and play constantly. Samsung out did themselves with this one hope they continue to better themselves with future devices.

At first I didn’t even use the fingerprint scanner because I would be searching for the scanner without looking and putting smudges on my camera, it took some getting use to but I have now mastered opening my phone with my fingerprint that the position no longer bothers me. It is a weird place to put the scanner so high up I don’t know how people with little hands reach up there without lowering the phone further into their palms. I hoped that the scanner would change after everyone complained about the scanner being in such a hard to reach spot for some but Samsung ignored all that and on the Note 8 the scanner will be in its same spot near the camera on a bigger phone so let’s see if this turns out any better.

The issues I had with the S8 was the fingerprint scanner but I got over that because I actually use it on a daily basis after actually trying it out. Another was the cameras I expected the S8 to have a better camera system than the S7 not the exact same it really showed that Samsung just wanted to get on to their next flagship as quick as possibly rather than better the S8 in more areas you have some of the same features and specs from the S7 going on to the S8 which should have been a better phone but overall the S8 to me feels like the S7 with a facelift. Nothing really changed when I upgraded to “the better” phone like I thought it was. Samsung could have went bigger and better on the S8 but as rumors trail around the S9 I’m looking forward to seeing what the difference between the S8 and S9 will be in the next coming months.


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