What It Is – G. Yamazawa

G. Yamazawa is Japanese American Poet and Rapper hailing from Durham North Carolina.  Accomplished with words, he has blazed stages across the US.  Unlike a lot of the others music video write-ups done by me.  I’ve just recently come across his work.

His visuals are simplistic yet appealing. His beat selection on point and his words are powerful. Also, charismatic and witty, I couldn’t help but chuckle a number of times while going through archived videos on Youtube.

Hip Hop, is about the narratives.  I love how he tells his story and tackles matters related to the human condition. How he paints living in a dual reality,  his upbringing as an American Kid and the son of Japanese Immigrants.  I was able to learn something.  Open my mind, open my heart and see life from someone else perspective. And that is something that I’ve also loved about Hip Hop. It was an experience.

I felt like this was something that I should share.  Below, I attached, his latest music video titled WHAT IT IS. This was also one of my favorites.  So check it out and let me know what you think?








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