3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 3

Day 3:

“The most confining bars are those constructed by a society to contain the mind, not the body. Metals melt, concrete crumble, wood withers, but malicious mentalities aren’t all at the mercy of a catalyst.” 

 Eelavahs Jay

This particular quote is from a friend of mines.  It’s from a short story called Skin Bars. Skin Bars addresses colorism/racial discrimination through the experience of a young girl named Mauhrie.

Skin Bars

Aside from that, my main reason for loving this quote is that it’s poetic, symbolic and provides food for thought.   Just think about physical bars like those you find in prison are for most people temporary.  Their stationary, you can move around them.  Eventually, they bare no control once your time is served. But mental bars can keep you trapped forever. These disadvantages can come into play through other people as well as your own doing.  So powers

So let me know what you think?


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