Exclusive Interview with Yaku


Yaku a.k.a Yakuyabai is Youtuber Entertainer from Houston Texas. Currently, living in San Francisco California in pursuit of her dreams. The Yakuyabai Channel is a hub for culture, comedy and overall randomness.  After coming across his channel randomly, earlier this year.  I really wanted to pick his brain.


The interview runtime was a little over an hour.  We discussed topics ranging from the NFL take a knee protests, anime, music, and his vision as a creative.   We also discussed issues related to the K-pop community and had fun while doing it.

I Call Myself an Entertainer (Part 1)

I Will Bop To Taylor Swift (Part 2)

Naruto and Studio Ghibli (Part 3)

This interview turned out a lot better than I thought it would.   I would like to Thank Yaku once again for taking the time to chop it up with me. I hope it wasn’t two too awkward for you.

For more from Yaku 

Twitter: @yakuyaba
IG: @yakuyabai
Youtube: Yakuyabai


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