Getting to know SDE: Question 6 of 15

If you won the lottery, what would you do?

Getting to know SDE. Our 2nd-year Anniversary Celebration: Question 6

Lizzo:  If by the grace of God or whatever deity that exists, I win the lottery. I’m gonna party and bullshit and party and bullshit. LOL, I’m from Brooklyn I just had too. All jokes aside, how much are we talking? Jackpot or just a couple of dollars.  A couple of dollars would just go into my pocket. But if I won the jackpot. I’m circulating the wealth.

Paying off my school loan and whatever other debt I have. Maybe buy a house or a condo. Donate to some validated causes.  Help out some of the people around me. And the rest, I’m planning to invest in sustainability.   But first, I’m taking a few vacations. Of course, I’d have to take the team along.

Drey: I would make so many investments that I’d have a lot of different sources of income with my never-ending abundance of new money I’ll help people using my money and donating my time for the greater good. Money is really important in this world to survive so always make sure you’re good before helping others.

Alice: If I won the lottery I would by a condaminum and live on the top floor. I would rent out apartments to develop steady income. I would develop a huge library of only manga and anime and have it open to the public.


Join the conversation, if you won the lottery what would you do?


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