Getting to know SDE: Question 9 of 15

What is a skill you’d like to learn and why?

Getting to know SDE. Our 2nd year anniversary Celebration: Question 9

Drey: I would like to learn how to draw, this is an amazing skill to me I envy people that can draw. My current drawing skills are stuck on stick figure level, I never invested time into drawing to see if I had the skill to draw realistic looking art. I would love to be able to draw portraits of people it seems like such a rewarding feeling that people are amazed at what a creative person can do with their hands.

Lizzo: There are a few things I would love to learn. One, being able to draw more realistic characters. So I can design the characters for a comic book I’ve been planning to write for the past few years but also because it’s a hobby I’ve found pleasure in for a number of years.

I would also like to be able to sing and speak Japanese. These kinda go hand and hand for me. I want to be able to sing so I can make music and produce others. I want to learn Japanese so I can sing The Real Folks Blue from Cowboy Bebop on some jazz songstress ish. LOL Say what you will, but that song will forever be hard.

Alice: The skill I would like to learn is to speak multiple languages. I currently speak two languages and I would love to learn more. Another skill I would love is to be able to create my own manga. I would love to illustrate and develop my own storyline. This would be a huge achievement for me.

Join the conversation, what is a skill you would like to learn?


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