Getting to know SDE: Questions 10 of 15

What Disney Princess are you most alike?

Getting to know SDE. Our 2nd year Anniversary Celebration: Question 10

Lizzo: This particular question. I have no answer for. None of the Disney Princess, remind me of myself. There never been a day in my life where I’ve associated myself with the title as Princess. I wish I had an interesting answer to give. If I was forced to give one, it would be between Mulan or Tiana. Neither choice is really accurate but yeah. That’s my answer.

Drey: My imagination is probably the only thing I have to thank Disney for if it wasn’t for Disney movies I’d be a super bland character. The Disney Princess I relate to on every level is Tiana from the Princess and the Frog minus the Voodoo and beautiful singing voice. The first Black Disney Princess which was overdue if you asked me, Tiana and I are some Grade A hustlers no matter what it is I’m either at work making money or doing some side business to make money. Money is the key to all of this, I dislike asking people for money so I always had to find some way to get my own. Tiana is a strong and ambitious black woman just like myself and I’m happy she’s the first Black Disney Princess even though she was a frog for 98% of the movie Disney gets a major side eye from me for that BS.

Alice: The Disney Princess I am more alike would be Jasmine from Aladdin. Jasmine is a strong and powerful character. She fights for what she believes in. I can also compare myself to Mulan she is a strong and powerful character as well. Mulan has a strong personality and does not let anyone get her down. She triumphs over any problem that she has.

Join the conversation, What Disney princess reminds you of yourself?


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