Getting to know SDE: Questions 13 of 15

Which of the five senses is most important to you?

Getting to know SDE. Our 2-year Anniversary Celebration: Question 13

Lizzo: My hearing is how I navigate life through. I rely on my hearing just as much as I do with my eyesight.  I could adjust to not being able to sell, taste or touch.  My sense of smell is already warped.  If I couldn’t taste anything, I would be a lot healthier.  So I feel like I could adjust.  And touch is not a sense that I use very often but I could manage, But losing my hearing would wreck me. I would be lost without it.

Drey: I will have to agree with Lizzo, my hearing is the most important of all 5 of my sense. I listen to music every day and the sounds surrounding me to know if there is something going on or nothing at all. I would have chosen my sense of smell but I hate smelling NYC, like all over NYC stinks. I have a strong sense of smell which means I smell it before everyone else does, can you imagine smelling something funky and making a disgusted face and everyone looks at you like why is your face like that then the smell hits them and then they’re like oh wtf! yeah I go through that all the time.

Alice: My most important sense is my vision because without this ability to see I can not read or see manga. I need my vision to at least read the subtitles in the bottom when I watch anime. I could do without my other senses if I lost them.

Join the conversation, which of your five sense is most important to you?


2 thoughts on “Getting to know SDE: Questions 13 of 15

  1. Anime_Girls_NYC November 26, 2017 / 9:33 pm

    Everything Alice said is my same reason hahaha


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