Getting to know SDE: Questions 15 of 15

Someone or something that inspired you?

Getting to know SDE: Our 2nd Anniversary Celebration: Day 15

Lizzo: Inspiration is fleeting. I find inspiration after listening to a good song. Watching a good anime or reading an entertaining comic book. I find inspiriting in acts of my friends and my team. I find inspiriting in fighting my fears. I find inspiration in wanting no regrets. That’s how most of my decisions are made. I also it in seeing the come up of others people.

Drey: I have a few people in my life that inspires me on a daily basis like my 3 cats inspire me to go work and get this money so we can continue our lavish lifestyle of cat treats and donuts. Seriously Missy Elliot has to be one of my biggest inspirations since I was young. Missy has kicked down so many doors to get where she’s at as a Legend in hip-hop and I aspire to be as successful and happy with whatever path I choose to go down. Missy has always inspired me to break out from the norm and express myself in many different ways, looking up to Missy just being herself with her fashion and music has always made me happy she exists to set the example that you can look however you want just always have fun with it.

Alice: The person that inspired me was my grandmother who wished only great things for me. She wanted me to finish college so I did. I ended working for the organization in the community that she was part of. My grandmother always told me to believe in myself and always look forward and not to be afraid of who I was. I believed that and because of her I followed my dream and ended up doing what I love helping people and sharing my love for anime.

Join the conversation, what inspires you?


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