Fabolous: Hip Hop’s Greatest Cosplayer

Courtesy of Instagram

Fabolous has always been one of my favorite rappers since he appeared on my radar in the early 2000’s. His witty and charismatic rhymes provided an entertaining listening experience. And while, this particular post isn’t about his music but how can we really pay proper homage without at least acknowledging the artistry. Fab is also known for his fashion sense. Each fit has its own flair and story to go with it.  While I am not the most fashion conscious person, this is exactly why we’re here. To talk about nerdy influenced fashion and why Fab is Hip Hop’s Greatest Cosplayer.

For those unfamiliar with the term, Cosplay a.k.a Costume Play is a popular trend among-st people in nerdy space where they dress up to emulate their favorite character and or characters.  Popular culture icons can also be included.

What makes Fab an extraordinary cosplayer is not only does he put a lot of effort into full costumes.  Even going as far as doing concept photo shoots like you see above featuring follow Veteran Rapper Jadakiss.  Loso even rocks fandom related merchandise on regular basis.  He even creates custom pieces related to pop culture icons.  So even when he not fully decked out, with custom paint and other specific accessories.  This guy is still repping for the culture.

I think another reason why he’s such a prolific Cosplayer is because most people don’t even know he’s Cosplaying.  He’s playing homage and receiving a massive amount of love.  in a way, he’s helping to normalize or make cool something that was perceived as weird to non-nerds.  The way he dresses is perceived as being “trendy”. Which is pretty amazing when you think about it.

Have you ever tried to explain nerd/niche related things to non-fans and they look at you like a chicken with its head cut off. Fab is able to transition back and forth without a hitch. No one really notices.  That is why he’s the G.o.at. (greatest of all time).  Some people may argue that wearing a character shirt isn’t necessary cosplay but I beg to differ.  Cosplay I’ve encounter used T-shirt are part of their costumes often.  But that is a debate for another day.

For more of Fabolous Daily Cosplay adventures check out his official Instagram page.

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