#31DaysofWomeninMedia – Day 1: Chise Hatori

Image result for ancient magus bride

The first person I would pick that would inspire many through her struggle is Chise Hatori from the anime Ancient Magus Bride. This anime as I mentioned in this previous post The Ancient Magus Bride is extremely emotional. Chise inspires many through her vigorous and heroic actions.

Chise is a student to the great Magus Elias Ainsworth. Chise is a rare individual she is a Sleigh Beggy a creature with unimaginable power. Even though Chise is socially awkward she easily becomes attached to those her are kind to her. Chise above all else is always ready to risk herself for others and willing to go above and beyond.

Chise is inspiring to me by her courageous attempts to go above and beyond for her friends. She does not let anything keep her down. Chise lived a very difficult life since her childhood and even though she has times she feels down she perseveres. I feel she is very inspiring and courageous.

Image result for ancient magus bride


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