31DaysofwomeninMedia: Day 4

The second person I chose is Major Mokoto Kusanagi she is to me, the coolest female anime character. Who didn’t want to be like Major she strong, smart, beautiful, and a cyborg. Major uses her skills to solve any crime.

Ghost in the Shell is an amazing anime series mainly because of Major Mokoto Kusanagi. Watching her find cybernetic criminals and hunting them down with her many abilities, with her unit. Major has a synthetic full body prosthesis that is also cybernetic. She works for the Public Security Section 9 Division. Her skill is specialized in her hacking and military-style tactics. She is worth an honorable mention and a very inspiring strong female character.

Major is a ruff strong independent woman and does not let anyone hold her down which makes her an inspiring woman to look up to. No matter the challenge she always faces it head on which makes her inspiring. This is why for the second person I chose Major Kusanagi.


One thought on “31DaysofwomeninMedia: Day 4

  1. Anime_Girls_NYC March 4, 2018 / 11:03 pm

    She is an awesome character and I love her!!


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