#31DayofWomeninMedia: Day 12


sourced: Tumblr 


My Day 12 nomination goes out to Kasugano Sakura of the Street Fighter franchise. Sakura is the 4th female character to be introduced into the franchise.  She’s young, ambitious, Super Spunky and intelligent.  


Sourced: FightersGeneration.com


After seeing Ryu fight during one of the tournament she becomes inspired and wants to be trained by him. Too the extent that she replicates his fighting style. As impressive as this is, what really sold me. She fights fearlessly, which is something Ryu, her mentor, is incapable of doing.  She doesn’t hold back.

In Street Fighter Alpha Generation (The movie), Sakura lays out Dan (I think it’s Dan) in one hit. Later on in the movie, she challenges Akuma, The Demon, to a fight without any hesitations in attacking him.  Akuma is literally the most feared character in the entire franchise and she doesn’t even bat an eye.  I was so floored. This was when I knew she was the g.o.a.t. (Greatest of all time)  So Sakura, this is to you.


sourced: Eventhubs.com


As per usual,  join the conversation: Who are some Women in media that you think should be shouted out? Leave their names below. Do you think Sakura is worthy of her nomination?  On that note, see you tomorrow with a new nomination.



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