#31daysofWomeninMedia: Day 15

Courtesy: Pretty Cure wikia

 My Day 15 selection is a bit cliche but this Icon deserves another shout out.

       Sailor Moon a.k.a Usagi Tsukino 

Source: moonswhisper.tumblr.com

Sailor Moon goes from lazy teenager to earth savior.  And while she struggles at first to accept her place in the scheme of things. She eventually comes around and faces her fear with the help of her friends.  She eventually returns this tenfold and becomes the back bone of the team.  Another thing I really love about Usagi is that she’s carefree and rides for the people she cares for.   Loyalty is so hard to fine.   So for being an inspiration for young girls all over the world for the past 20 plus years. Princess Serenity, this for you.

Source: PicsGifs.com

As per usual,  join the conversation: Who are some Women in media that you think should be shouted out? Leave their names below. Do you think Sailor Moon is worthy of her nomination?  On that note, see you tomorrow with a new nomination.



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