#31DaysofWomeninMedia: Day 21

Xavin flaming on
Source: Writeups.org

The ball has bounced into my court once again.

My selection for Day 21 goes out to another Marvel Runaways character.

Prince Xavin of the Skrull Royal Family

Source: Marvel Wikia

Skrull’s are shape shifters. By todays standards Xavin would be classified as gender fluid, to give you guys and gals something to tangible to grasp. But based on Xavin explanation of Skrulls and gender, there really no earthly equivalent. Skrull don’t deal in gender in the same way we do. They just are. For them, as quoting by Xavin, changing genders is like changing hair colors for them. So it’s not really a feeling/ social norms associated with a gender that effects Xavin choice in switching between male and female. It strictly circumstance based.

In battle, Xavin takes on Skrull form. In times, where it feels necessary for Xavin to feel intimidating Xavin takes on the form of male. Most times, the crown Prince is in female form because Karolina (fiancĂ©e) is a lesbian. She prefers girls so Xavin complies. Though I don’t think Xavin identifies as anything but Skrull.

Source: Hero Wikia

Aside from the fact that, Xavin is an overall interested character my reason for choosing the Super Skrull trainee was because Xavin in fearless. Xavin is always Xavin, whether or not people around this Shape shifter understand. Xav is also selfless and loyal. People like to say that they’ll sacrifice their well-being for the person they love but how many people actually do it. The Skrull Prince was really about it

As per usual, join the conversation: Do you think Xavin is worthy of her nomination? If your familiar, leave your thoughts below. Who do you think are some Women in Media that you think should receive a nomination? On that note, See you tomorrow with another choice.


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