31DaysofWomeninMedia- Day 25

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My next person I chose is young but strong. I pick Sophie Hennes from the anime Garo: Vanishing Line. The story centralizes around Sophie Hennes a young teenager in search of her brother who disappeared and was only left with the clue “El Dorado”. Her search for her brother leads her to meet Sword who helps her to find her brother. Sophie learns about Horrors which are like evil spirits that feed off of negative energy and change people to monsters. Sophie assists sword and his other companions in defeating the Horrors while in search of her brother.

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I chose Sophie Hennes because she is a strong girl. She has a strong will that is inspiring and she does what she can to protect everyone. Sophie went through some serious issues along her travel to find her brother. Sophie struggles through many adversities but always pull through no matter how scary, tribal or difficulty of the task. She is brave and strong and she is very similar to Chisel from The Ancient Magus Bride. Sophie does what she can to contribute no matter what the cost.


One thought on “31DaysofWomeninMedia- Day 25

  1. Anime_Girls_NYC March 29, 2018 / 9:54 pm

    I love Sophie. She is super adorable but I like her relationship with sword.


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