#31DaysofWomeninMedia – Day 26

Sailor Jupiter (Makoto Kino)

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Sailor Jupiter from the hit anime series Sailor Moon is probably one of my earliest girl crushes since Sailor Moon was one of the first shows I watched that introduced me to anime. Makoto Kino (Lita Kina in the English adaption) is her name and she’s my favorite sailor scout. I liked Makoto first because she was the green scout and green is my favorite color then as I watched the show and saw what powers she inherited as a Sailor Scout, I liked her even more since she was the “muscle” one of the group. Makoto powers are Electrokinesis, Phytokinesis, Expert martial artist, Superhuman strength, speed, and agility.

Image result for sailor jupiter

What I loved most about Makoto was that she is a real tough girl and doesn’t let anyone take that away from her, not to mention she was the leader of a female gang and that alone screams badass! Makoto is the coolest scout of them all and her powers make her so unique. All of her powers have a connection with the planet she named after, Jupiter contains electricity and one of its moons (Rense) has a lot of electric discharge which is why her powers are electrically based. I found Makoto interesting because it got me into researching more about Jupiter and then into the solar system and the history of the universe, Sailor Moon got me into learning more about space and sparking an interest in astrophysics which sadly I didn’t take further.



One thought on “#31DaysofWomeninMedia – Day 26

  1. Karandi March 26, 2018 / 4:06 pm

    Sailor Jupiter is fantastic. Thanks for sharing this and reminding us how awesome this character is.

    Liked by 1 person

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