#31DaysofWomeninMedia – Day 31

Kyoko Mogami (Skip Beat!)

Image result for Kyoko Mogami

This is the last woman in our 31-day challenge we decided on Kyoko Mogami from Skip Beat! and we’ll each write what we love about her. This was a fun challenge and kind of tough when it came down to making the choices since there are so many amazing women in media to choose from.

Source: Fanpop.com

Drey: I’ve read the Skip Beat! manga at least 5 times over the years and I always loved re-reading it because of her work ethic when it came to proving everyone that doubted her she worked twice as hard to learn new skills and become a better person. Kyoko showed such determination to her acting career, I always loved how much motivation she gave herself to finish jobs and deal with Sho because it couldn’t be me Sho would have definitely felt my rage from the beginning for all the messed up things he put her through.

Alice: She the toughest, strongest, and most clever female character. Kyoko Mogami is a better person which we should all learn from instead of beating up her ex-boyfriend Sho she proved herself to be better than he was and showed him what he was missing out on. Anyone else would have beaten the crap out of her ex but she chose to do better than that by becoming his rival and making it bigger than he ever was. I have seen the anime and watched the Tiwanse drama of Skip-Beat. Watching rise to stardom to prove the jerk wrong was all worth it. This was a very good anime and I could not think of a better person to end off our 31 Days of Women in Media.

Lizzo: I love the fact that she didn’t react to her break up like the stereotypical shojou heroine.  She sucked it up and decide to show out in her work effort.  She channeled her negative energy into become a better person.  I’d say that is pretty admirable.


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