Scum’s Wish クズの本懐


Scum’s Wish クズの本懐 is an anime series by Lerche Studios based on a manga by the same name created by Mengo Yokoyari. SW follows student Hanabi Yasuraoka. She’s  in love with her childhood friend now turned teacher, Narumi Kanai. Unbeknownst to him, Hana learns that he is in love with the new music teacher Akane Minagawa.  In comes Mugi Awaya another student in a similar predicament.  So they make a pact to satisfy each others loneliness by being each others sexual replacements for the love that they yern for.

Warning: Not Safe for Work


With Scum’s Wish, I got way more than I bargained for. You know that saying, curiosity killed the cat. That is a real thing.  The tragedy that is Scum’s Wish is inevitable. They literally set the foundation of the entire series in first two episodes.  Some much is thrown at you.  As the story progresses everything is pretty straight forward.  But what had me fucked up, was the way things played.

But before I dive into main cast (where my issues are),  I have a few questions. Why the extra saliva? As if, children frisking each other isn’t cringe-y enough. Ya’ll had to go the extra mile. Was it supposed to add something, be sexy or more cringe-y or am I totally overthinking things.  Either way, it was creepy.  I kind of wanna know why but on the other hand I don’t because somethings are better left in the dark.

Secondly, where the hell are these kids parents? We saw Hanabi’s Mother but Mugi’s Mom or Pops were nonexistent, neither of them pop up at least once. As if this anime hadn’t spent a solid amount of time at his house. On the flip side, I get that if he had attentive parent, he wouldn’t have been able to wild out in these streets the way he was. So I understand for that purpose, so maybe his folks just worked a lot.  It was even possible that he lived alone. Had Akane, not mentioned his parents not being around then I wouldn’t have really pondered it any further.

So now that we have this out-of-the-way we can get down to the nitty-gritty.

Source: Kuzu no honkai (Amino Page)


Akane Migawa, I don’t like her. I’d go as far as saying I hate her. If given the opportunity, she can catch these hands. Like Sis, who hurt you? Even though, she’s clearly a damaged women I refused to feel bad for her. How do you emphases with a motherfucker that is outright playing with the emotions of minors? Not only did she fuck up Mugi’s world but she messed with Hanabi’s world also. And she makes a point to make sure that Hana knows it. This is grown ass lady. She’s fully aware of what she’s doing. If that isn’t bad enough, she lays with little boys. I don’t care what you say, shes not a redeemable character. Even though her character arc suggests that she is.

Source: Kuzu no honkai (Amino page)

Then we have Mugi Awaya. Mugi plays a key role in all this bullshit. I still can’t help but feel bad for him. He was taken advantage of sexually by an older women. Too the extent that he fell in love with and struggled to function properly without her. There even a scene where Mugi admits to wanting to destroy Hanabi. Which is kind ass backwards if you think about it, because they sought comfort in each other. Why would he want to taint that? further? He wasn’t malicious in his pursuit for that reason alone I have empathy but he did stoop lower then I though he was capable of.   And it involved, his childhood friend Moca. There are certain things you just don’t do.

Source: Kuzo no Honkai (Amino Page)

Then we have Hanabi, I feel like she struggled the most with all of this. So naturally I felt bad for her. How would you feel if the person you love was being taken from you by a women who outright made a point to let you know she was doing it. On top it, one of the people you find solace with is entangled by this same women. Pretty bad I’d imagine. The script writer drilled her turmoil into us like every chance they got. A while I felt for her, I couldn’t condone the shit she would later do. Nabi allowed her best friend to plant herself into the cesspool of situation she agree upon even after she made a point to keep her at distance because she was the one person she couldn’t allow herself to take advantage off. And yet she let her rock. That shit not right.

Source: Kuzu No Honkai (Amino Page)

As far as, Narumi goes. I don’t really have much to say someone tells you Akane is a hoe. She admits that she’s a hoe. You propose to her and she tells him she’s still going to cheat. You still go through with it.  What more can I really say? I don’t know if that makes him stupid or a real catch.


Source: Anime (Amino Page)

I spent quite a bit of time being angry but I feel I go exactly what the creators wanted to convey. There we’re also a lot of really sad moments. Was there anything that I liked? I really enjoyed the water color style pallet that was implemented.  The animation is stunning. The backdrops blew me away. Overall, behind all the fuckery that this story has messages.  And these messages were received by the cast, Akane I’m not really convinced of but whatever.

Messages like: You can’t truly love someone until you learn to love yourself.  There more to loving someone then just the physical aspects.   Sometimes you have to just put yourself out there and see what happens among other things.  I think these things are related ideas.


Its been a really long time since I seen anime that I’ve had this much to say about. Even though, this was mostly a rant I, I really enjoyed this story.  So what are your thoughts on Scum’s Wish? As per usual, Join the conversation by letting me know what you think in the comment section below.  Thank you and hopefully you come again.


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