Cowboy Bebop: The 20th Anniversary Binge Sessions

The iconic anime Cowboy Bebop has reached its 20th Anniversary.  Anime NYC in conjunction with New York Asian Film Festival presents a special event. As part of Quad Cinemas One Shot series, on Sunday April 22, Cowboy Bebop  will air in its entirety.


For those who are unfamiliar,  Cowboy Bebop follows of group of rag-tag bounty hunters on board a ship called the Bebop.  Produced by Sunrise animation  which is a substitrary of Bandai . Directed by Shinichiro Watanabe with musical accompanied by legendary composer Yoko Kanno. Cowboy Bebop is a mixture of old times country Westerns, Jazz/Funk, gang flicks, all tied up into an anime aesthetic.

All episodes aired will be in Japanese with English subtitles. Cosplay is welcome.  Prizes and other activities will take place throughout the event.   So if you’re in the New York area check it out.

Advance admission: $30

At Door admission: $35

For more information: Cowboy Bebop: The 20th Anniversary Binge Sessions



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