National Poetry Month-Anime Poem Challenge

I decided that I would do an anime poem for National Poetry Month and make it a challenge. Anyone can participate the only terms are you write a poem based upon a anime you have seen and give us some detail of what anime you are writing about. The poem can be written in any format and style. I thought this would be a fun thing to do and I would love to read other people’s anime poems. Anyone can feel free to tag me. My poem I decided to do was based on Future Dairy’s Gasai Yuno and School Days’s Kotonoha Katsura.  I decided to write my poem based on the thoughts of a Yandere. I hope you read and enjoy and I would love to read other people’s poems as well so please tag me when you post. Thank you.

Senpai is Bae the Thoughts of a Yandere


My Senpai,

my apple of my eye,

I watch you from afar,

and when I see you I hide and blush and  pretend to be shy,

I will wait to you wake up and I will wait for you to sleep,

I wait by your window and creep,

I take things from you to hold and to keep,

to keep you in my thoughts and have you close to me.

Image result for kotonoha katsura

I’m waiting for the day we can meet,

I know that we will fall in love and I will have you to keep,

And when we do I will never let you go,

I hold you close and really NEVER LET YOU GO,

Their is no where to run and no where to hide,

and as long as you live you I will forever be by your side,

Senpai I love you until the day I die,

You will forever be mine.

Written by AliceSDE

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