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I finally got the opportunity to see Digimon Tri, and sadly I felt a little cheated. I was excited from the title alone knowing they were going to bring back the original cast from the preview I saw, and I developed high expectations for the show. Digimon is one of my favorite television shows growing up and I thought that it was going to be action packed and all the DigiDestines would be their together from both season 1 to 2. I loved Digimon growing up and was surprised to see them all look more mature. It was interesting seeing the characters again with their Digimon and seeing the characters all grown up. I was disappointed a little in the story-line but, it was nice to see the original DigiDestines. I loved to see the original Digimon characters like Augmon, Patamon, Gatomon, and the others. I was so shocked by the intensity of the story-line of the three part movie series and not completely satisfied with the story either hoping for more.

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The story is three movies put together which are Determination, Confession, and Co-Existence. The story takes place 3 years after the Second Season of Digimon. The story begins with Tai, who is in his final year of high school who all his friends are slowly drifting apart and focusing on their own lives. The town began having strange things occur with their electronic devices dis-functioning and it began to spread all across Odaiba. When Tai runs off to a soccer match, he bumps into Kuwagamon who appeared in the city, creating the electronic malfunctions. During his encounter with the Digimon, his Digivice shines and Augmon appears to help him fight. Tai follows the monster trying to escape to the airport to finish off the monster. He bumps into his teacher Mr. Daigo Nishijima who drives him to the airport so he can fight the monster. All the DigiDestines gather together once again to defend their home and they all joined forces to help destroy the digimon destroying their town. Tai meets with his teacher Mr. Nishijima who works for an organization monitoring Digimon. The team works with the agency to find out the cause of the electronic dysfunctions happening in the world and stop the Digimon from leaking into their world. With the DigiDestines reuniting lead to the appearance of a new enemy and a new DigiDestined. A new DigiDestined is introduced Meiko with the Digimon Meicoomon who becomes possessed with an evil spirit and is destroying the digital world and the real world. The team must come together again to fight the new threat to the Digital World and the Real World.

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I really liked the idea that the story followed most of its original concept but, it was hard to keep my attention. I had to come back to the movie series three times before I actually finished it. Their was a long break between movies before the next movie was released.  It was not until the last movie Co-Existence that had the most action for me. I wanted it to be longer and the characters to spend more time in the digital world. The movie felt like it focused more on character relationships then everything else. I did not mind but I wanted to see more battles and for them to hook up with each other. The thing that shocked me the most was Jedi and how creepy he was in all of the films. If any of you seen the movies you know exactly what I’m talking about. This to me seemed like a new take on Digimon, but on a more serious performance level.The movie gave you a new intake on the Digimon franchise as we know, a new completely different vibe from the original Digimon series. If your a big fan of Digimon watch the movie series I recommend it but, this is one of those movies that you watch once and not again. If they do decide to continue the series I would love to see the show with their children and see some of the old and new Digimon mixed in.

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Image: http://www.gramunion.com/tagged/Meicoomon%20evolution

SPOILER ALERT: If you want to watch the movie with the expectation of Sora hooking up with Tai or Matt it isn’t happening, or Joe with Mimi it isn’t going to happen either sorry. I was expecting that they would finally start hooking up with each other but, it did not happen.



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