J1-Con 2018: Niic The Singing Dog

J1 Con

Niic (Pronounced “Nice”) The Singing Dog is exactly what his name says and I didn’t think it was going to be literal when I walked into the panel area. Kyle McCarthy is the voice behind the singing dog, such a good voice for the indie-pop music he creates. I’m happy I didn’t look up Niic prior to going into his performance, having that mystery about a performer you’ve haven’t heard of yet is always fun. After the performance I walked out a fan, Niic has a good voice and the vibrant green color of the suit is really pleasing to the eyes. I honestly enjoyed the show even more once he started singing covers of some classic 90s songs and the Teen Titans theme song.

IMG_9224I can see why people love Niic The Singing Dog ecause not only is he talented he also has a specific community he’s driven by. I never thought I’d see Niic performing because this never crossed my mind as a concept. I believe the people in the furry fandom have a gem on their hands, hopefully, Niic will have great success with his music and his current nationwide tour. This was my first show and I would go to another Niic performance if he’s at any con I’m going to. Take a listen to Niic’s music on the sites below and let me know what you think! You will not be disappointed Niic is a very talented dog.


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Niic The Singing Dog

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