Seven Deadly Sins


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I will be answering 7 questions I came up for one of my favorite anime series. This will be a project for me, but a very interesting task to do. For my last question, I will discuss the most notable thing I found in the anime series. The first anime I will discuss is The Seven Deadly Sins. The anime series is only on Netflix, It’s a good anime series if you’re looking for a lot of action and comedy.

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The story is about the adventures of Elizabeth the Princess of Liones and The Seven Deadly Sins. Elizabeth sets out on a journey to look for the Seven Deadly Sins to save her kingdom from demons when she comes across Meliodas the bar owner of the Boar Hat. Meliodas turns out to be the leader of the legendary knights. She pleads for his help to save the kingdom and he agrees to assist her, and they go on a journey to find the other Sins.

1. My favorite main character?

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My favorite character from the Seven Deadly Sins is Meliodas. He is the sin of Wrath and he bears the tattoo of the Dragon. He is the protagonist of the story and the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins. He is the owner of the Boar Hat Tavern and he is always fondling Elizabeth. I like Meliodas because he is dedicated to his friends and is always going above and beyond for his friends when in need.

2. My favorite support character?

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My favorite support character is Ban. He is the sin of Greed and he bears the Tattoo of the fox. He works at the tavern with Meliodas as the chef. He is an amazing support character and a good friend to Meliodas. Ban always comes to assist when he is needed. Ban is literally his best friend forever they are both immortal and they will always help each other.

3. My favorite two characters to ship?

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If I had to ship two characters together in this show it would be King and Diane. They are the two cutest couple. While watching the show King is obviously is in love with Diane, it is so cute a giant with a fairy. I cannot wait to see King confess to Diane in the Show. Diane was close to confessing her love for King until Gowther messed it up by messing up her memory. I was highly upset But to me they are both gentle in nature making them a good pair for each other.

4. My favorite opening song?

My favorite opening theme song is Kimono-Gakari – Netsujou no Spectrum which is the opening song for the series. I love the melody and the beat, It is a beautiful love song.

5. My favorite ending song?

I Like the Second Season Ending of Seven Deadly Sins is Sora Amamiya – Chikai (FULL).  I like the melody of the song. The song is beautiful, It talks about a longing for a loved one.

6. My favorite scene from the series?

My favorite scene from Seven Deadly Sins was the fight between Escanor and Gowther. This fight was epic. I could not believe that Escanor literally summoned a sun in his hand, his power was massive. He attacked two powerful testaments with one blow, his ability surpass more than what I expected.

7. The most notable thing about the anime?

The most notable thing I learned about this anime was the message behind it which is to never give up hope. This is a good message and it is always important to remember to never give up hope because soon as you do all is lost. The Seven Deadly Sins worked together to help save the kingdom and any threat that attempted. Even with the loss of their friends they stood strong and fought on.

I really enjoyed watching the Seven Deadly Sins. It is a very good anime, I love all the action and fight scenes in the series. I was a little disappointed in the second season but the third season made up for it. It a very memorable anime to watch if you have not seen it yet. I recommend you watch this series if you love action and fighting with magical powers this is for you.



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