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I'm one of the writers for Soulcial Dreamin' Ent (SDE) I love anime, comics, and music.

Yuri On Ice

I finally got to watch the famous and most talked about show Yuri On Ice. I really enjoyed this anime. This anime really gave me a idea about the world of Ice Skating. I was not really interested in ice skating  until I saw this anime which is interesting for me. I only learned about Ice Skating by watching this anime. I really enjoyed watching them perform and tell a story though their performance on stage. I really got an inside of what the Ice Skating world was like.

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Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X


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I am a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts. I started playing this app on my phone called Kingdom Hearts: x Unchained this is a new cool way of playing Kingdom Hearts with other people around the world. I play this app almost everyday. Once you start it becomes addictive. The game allows you to interact with players around the world and join forces to stop the Heartless. This game is very different from the actual series of Kingdom Hearts but, it does have its own story line and it is fun to play as your own character you customize yourself.

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Day 29: Anime you wish was real

The anime I wish was real would be Shugo Chara that was one of my favorite anime’s to watch. I wanted to have little guardian’s that I can talk to and be able to transform. Each guardian represented one of my personalites. Who dont wanna chibi vwrsion of themselves. I wanted to be like Amu and have guardian spirits, and a cute boy in love with her, especially, Ikuto. I adored him.

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#30 DayAnimeChallenge 

Day28: Favorite Quote from An Anime Character

My favorite quote from an anime character is FullMetal Alchemist when Alfonse Elric explained the frist law of alchemy. This quote to me is a known fact that I always believe to be true. To me this does not only apply to alchemy but to every day life as well.

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Day 27: Most Badass Anime Scene from a Character ( Viewer Discretion Advised)

The most badass scene from a Character that I saw was Tokyo Ghoul when Kaneki fought Jason. Kaneki finally awoke his true power. He broke after being tortured for hours. That was an extremely dramatic scene. Kaneki was tied to a chair and was toured for days until he could not take it anymore. Jason was freakin crazy.

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Day26: Best Fight Scene

To me the best fight scene is in Bleach the fight scene between Ichigo Kurosaki and Ulquiorra Cifer in the invasion of Hveco Mundo. This to me was the most entertaining fight scene. Ichigo goes to Las Noches to go save Oriehime who was kidnapped by Azien. This was an epic battle.

It was a long battle between the both of them. Ichigh becomes a complete hollow in the fight. Ichigo literally goes all out in this fight. After taking a big beating from Ulquiorra, Ichigo transformed to a Humanoid Hollow.