Soulcial Sunday – Spotify Playlist Week 17

This is the last 2 weeks of March and so far the best month of 2019. We are rooting for all of you to keep pushing and following your dreams and goals. It’s very important to live a life you want and starting it at this time in your life means you’re ready for what is coming next.

We’ve been thinking alot about the future of our brand. Going back and forth with some of our projects we’re  currently working on. Having to scrap some and start from square one has discouraged us but also made us challenge ourselves to be even more creative. Nothing should stop you from creatively expressing yourself through your work.

We’ve been a little slow on keeping up with our blog since we’re focusing on so many different things to grow our brand. We’re working on making time for everything but posts will still come out every week just not as many as we usually post.

We started a series and haven’t finalized the title yet but its called Press Play. Press Play is a new series we’ve started about music and other types of audio on Tuesdays. The name is still growing on us but for now, this title will do.

We already 2 posts for this series and many more to come.


Press Play: Bobby Feeno – Flamingo & Koval

Arian Foster is a former Texan Football Player that pursued his love for music. Arian retired from Football in 2016 after suffering a lower-body injury. I first ran across Arian when he was promoting his new album under his stage name Bobby Feeno. His appearance on Desus & Mero (The Brand is Brolic!) Show on Viceland was the start of it all.

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Soulcial Sunday: Women’s History Month

As we end Black History Month we’re continuing the celebration by jumping right into Women’s History Month. For February we completed the #28DaysofBlackCosplay if you haven’t seen our feed of amazing Black Cosplayers be sure to check it out.

We’re working hard and fast to get a lot of work done and out. We’ve been working on video content for our Youtube and more content for our blog as well as keeping up with social media. We have big dreams for SDE and we see them starting to happen right before our eyes.

We’ll keep repeating this until the end of time.

Thank You!!!

All the support we’ve been receiving and more have continued to motivate us to do more and get better at it. We can’t thank you guys enough!

SDE Music Playlist 16

Press Play: List of my Favorite Podcast

What’s good everybody, I hope all is well. For today’s post we’re going to be talking about podcast.  More specifically ones, that I’ve been listening to on a regular basis.

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4 Comics by Black Creators


I’ve been getting back into reading comics.  With so many diverse stories and character coming out, there no better time then now to do so.  In honor of Black History Month, here are four comics by Black creatives that are worth checking out.

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Soulcial Sunday – 2019 Announcements

This is the first Soulcial Sunday of 2019. We have been super busy putting together a lot of projects we want to come out this year. This year is going to be bigger than last for us and it’s going to be very special for us as well. Firstly let’s say our late Happy New Year wishes and Happy Black History Month and Hopefully, everyone’s Valentines Day was a good one.

A big Thank You to everyone that supports our content!

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Black Cosplay Celebration


It’s Black History Month,  There are some pretty interesting things popping off in the nerd community.  One of my favorite highlights is, the 28 Days of Black Cosplay, which is celebration created by Chaka Cumberbatch-Tinsley five years ago. And since then, the number of participants have grown tremendously.

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Soundtrack

This soundtrack that accompanied the now award-winning animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. I got the chance to watch the movie in December with Lizzo. The movie itself was a great experience that I went and saw it again. Sony really knocked this project out the park. The movie and soundtrack go hand in hand especially after meeting Miles Morales you can see him listening to this whole album.

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Rescue Me

Rescue Me is about a young woman named Sandra, who has a lot on her shoulders. Not only in dealing with her own issues but with issues brought on by those closes to her. An unexpected encounter with a dog turns out to be just what the Doctor ordered.

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