Absolute Boyfriend (Manga)

Absolute Boyfriend by Yuu Watase was released in March 2003 and ran into February 2005. Consisting of 6 volumes which were released by Viz Media in the North American Market. (Which I currently own) Spawning a live action series in Japan back 2008. A Taiwanese version released in 2012. And their also a rumored South Korean Version on the way.

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I Hate You More Than Anyone (Manga)


I Hate You More than Anyone centers around Kazuha Akiyoshi eldest of the Akiyoshi clan. Oddly enough, alot of Banri  HIdaka’s stories are about this famiily. This story follows her blooming relationship with hair dresser Maki Sugimoto whom, she eventually marries. The story takes place in the past; I estimate about 7 or 8 years via the manga release which was in 1998. Continue reading

Basara (Manga)

Basara also known as The Legend of Basara created by Yumi Tamura. Yumi is also known for 7 Seeds. I have always loved her storytelling and art so i’d naturally be attracted to her work. She also won an award for Basara. Yumi won the Shogakukan Manga Award for shoujo in 1992.

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