Loot Crate July 2015

I received my first Loot Crate box. This is July’s theme was Heroes 2 since this is the second time around they are doing a hero theme. The box contained a poster, batman key chain, Q-pop batman figurine, regrettable superheros book, Zelda wristband, Star trek air freshener, Brawlhalla play pack, Loot crate magazine and a button. I decided to go with another month August will be villains (couldn’t really pass it up) and I’m excited about that one. Whats a good hero if they don’t have a bad guy I look forward to seeing what comes next month.

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MV: Cheetah’s My Number MV

Just released an hour ago and I’m happy to see it I was on the right track with the last post RIGHT HERE when the teaser videos came out. If you turn on the Closed Captions of the video. Cheetah came strong for her new song. It starts with her not liking their attitude to them switching their attitude and eventually getting her number. Cheetah don’t take no disrespect and that’s how it’s suppose to be!

The video itself is dark and sexual I am here for this! The concept is fun to watch. Cheetah style in this video is sexy I loved the blonde wig and how she slayed every look she had. Nothing really turned me off about the video. The song is so catchy and I look forward to giving Cheetah all  my monies for when I purchase this song and future music.

MV: Cheetah(치타) My Number Teasers.

The song My Number is catchy and I’m loving it also many have experienced this but the setting of the videos seems to be the bar and a night club and those are probably the most popular and annoying places where you get asked for you number and also walking down the street as well but this video I am excited to watch and see this concept.

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a show created by Tina Fey & Robert Carlock. All episode have been on Netflix since March 6, 2015 and i believe there is a season 2 in the woks since this show was really successful. The comedy show has receive so much positive feedback just like any Netflix Original Series like i said before Netflix is on a roll with these series it’s like you rally don’t go on to kill time or watch old movies while a new season of a Netflix Original is out.

The lead actress Ellie Kemper who plays Kimmy Schmidt dominates this role i love her character and the idea of her learning the new world after being locked in a underground bunker for 15 years with 3 other women a deranged reverend who is played by the very attractive Jon Hamm but he kidnapped 3 women and put them in a bunker for 15 years and had one willing live there joining his cult so that knocks off points. His character was so charismatic that i was really convinced he was going to leave that trail a free man, those episodes we’re with Tina Fey and her character made the trail funny even. The story line is funny and i would watch this again i’m now just patiently waiting for season 2.

My Favorite character after meeting him in the first episode is Tituss Burgess also known as Titus Andromedon (Keeping his name had to be so much fun on set.) His character made me continue watching the show everything he said was so sassy and his singing was the best every time he singed the show got funnier and funnier my favorite episode was Kimmy’s Birthday and Titus was on fire in that episode and in the episode making a music video in Jacqueline’s house the funniest thing i ever seen.  I seriously love this character that i really hope there is a episode dedicated to him.

I recommend this show to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet it’s worth the binge watch. Tina & Robert did a wonderful job on this comedy it’s been a while seeing a really good comedy looking forward to season 2.