The Plain White T’s Concert

So there was a concert for Plain White T’s at Gramercy Theater in NYC on April 1st it was a live show for live nation don’t know who caught that but as a fan it makes me miss the good old high school days with no adult responsibilities. Good Times!

I took a few bad quality pictures and recorded 2 of my favorite songs Hey There Delilah and Hate (I really don’t like you). I love these 2 songs because they hit home even years after high school still relevant even in adulthood.

The Plain White T’s new album American Nights is in stores and online right now.

For videos of the performance you can head over to our YouTube page and check them out.

Soulcial Dreamers YouTube

Here’s some photos.

Ne-Yo & I Heart Radio Concert

I Heart Radio held a live concert for the release of Ne-Yo’s new album Non-Fiction The concert was hosted by the one and only Angie Martinez The performance was streamed live on the website and a few of the songs we’re heard live on I Heart Radio App. Ne-Yo performed more of his older music and a few from his new album. He was very entertaining he and Angie together cracked a lot of jokes had everyone feeling good and smiling.

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The Veronicas intimate performance

The Veronicas had a intimate performance at Webster Hall in the Marlin Room and the sung 5 acoustic versions of songs from their new album The Veronicas and my personal Favorite untouched it was a beautiful set since I’ve been a fan since 2007 It’s good to hear from Lisa and Jessica again and the new album is in stores now and i recommend buying it if your a Veronicas fan.

Here is a few pictures taken from the concert.


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Amoeba Culture Concert

The NYC Amoeba Culture concert went down Saturday night on March 28th here is some photos from the concert of course we’re far from the stage and everyone is having fun we hope you guys enjoy a few photos we took for this event.

The Artist that performed was Crush, Zion T, Primary and Dynamic Duo all from the Amoeba Culture record label based in South Korea. Continue reading Amoeba Culture Concert

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