Day 30: Anime You Wished Never Ended


Day 30: An Anime you wished Never ended and continued on?

Does this literally mean never ended? Or more so an anime that ended before It really should have. If not, I can’t think of any . The anime I love, I love them because of the sense of closure I receive from them.  The entire span made them somewhat timeless for me.

An anime I feel should have never ended. I can think of a ton but my choice is Air Gear.

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Day 27: Most Badass Scene


Day 27: Most Badass Scene From Any Anime?

There are tons of bad ass scenes to choose some. I’ve listed a few really dope ones over this challenge process. But who says the badass moment has to be by default a fight scene. There are other ways to kick ass right? Not in just the literal sense.

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Day 25: Saddest Anime Death

Day 25: Saddest Anime Death?

This question is another hard one.  So many sad deaths.  Here are some off the top of my head.

  • Michiro from Air.
  • Neji Hyuuga from Naruto.
  • Mae Hughes (Full Metal Alchemist).
  • Nicholas D. Wolfwood (Trigun).
  • Nina Tucker ( FMA).
  • Genkai (Yu Yu Hakusho)
  • Vegeta  (Dragon Ball Z)

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Day 24: A Scene That Shocked You


Day 24: Anime scene that shocked you the most? (Viewers Discretion Advised)

The School Days anime is horrible. The level fuckery in this anime has yet to be matched. Just thinking about it pisses me off and saddens me at the same time.  I saw there anime like 10 years ago and I have been unable to etch it out of my memory.  I did for little while but then it popped back up. But that’s doesn’t really matter nor does it change it.

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Day 22: Favorite Weapon, Gear or Armor


Day 22: Favorite Weapon, Gear or Armor used in an Anime?

Sakabatō Kageuchi (Reverse-Blade Sword) from Rurouni Kenshin.  Sakabato was given to Kenshin by the weapons smith Arai Shakkū. It was forged to be a Holy Sword. Which aligned with Kenshin new-found principles.

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Day21: Favorite Goofy Anime Character

This one was easy for me even though I had a lot of them that I liked. My favorite goofy anime character is Sousuke Sagara from Full Metal Panic FUMOFFU!!! And the whole series is funny as hell. Sousuke is extremely funny because the way he takes everything to the extreme. Sousuke was sent to protect Kaname because she was in danger. Sousuke does what ever he can to protect her lol. Sousuke is a major war freak. He is hilarious.

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