3 Anime Character Challenge Tag

3 anime tag

It’s been a while since Lizzo did her 3 Anime Character Tag. I’m finally getting around to this challenge. The three characters I believe is a reflection of myself is Konata (Lucky Star), Osaka (Azumanga Daioh) and Kiri Koshiba (Beauty Pop)

Challenge: Pick three anime characters that remind you of yourself and tag people to participate. For the sake of the post, I will elaborate on why these characters are reflective of my personality.

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Day 19: Most Epic Scene Ever


Day 19: Most Epic Scene Ever?

You’ve probably realized this but have a thing for older anime. The most epic scene that comes to mind was in episode six of Fooly Cooly  When Atomsk the Pirate King finally appears. (Possessing Naota)

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#30DayAnimeChallenge: Day 2

Day 2: What is your favorite anime you’ve watched so far?

My favorite anime I’ve watched so far is “B-Project Kodou Ambitious”. It is a reverse harem which is my favorite genre of anime. The creator of this anime also did another anime that is similar called “Uta no Prince Sama” were u can see some similar features between some of the characters. After seeing “Uta no Prince Sama”, I had to watch this anime. This show leaves you  full of excitement wondering what will happen next or, wondering who Tsubasa likes the most? This show is a must see for any reverse harem fan.

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Soulcial Sundays

Starting tomorrow we will be participating in the 30 Day Anime Challenge we saw a post made by Jill on humble otakus opinion and we decide it would be fun to participate with her. Check out her website you will be entertained.

We hope many of you reading will think about doing this challenge.

Today we will be at the Bad Boy Reunion Concert and will have photos uploaded later on. I will be a phoneographer tonight my Note 7 will be the best it can be.

In cased you missed the last two interviews that was posted here they are. We appreciate Alan Z and Undong Crew doing this interview with us.

In case you missed our Liberty Anime con posts here they are.