Another アナザー

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Another is an anime based on a Manga and Novel written by Yukito Ayatsuji. This anime will screw with your head from beginning to end, trying to figure out why all of this is occurring. There is a lot of violence and gore which I do not recommend for the light-hearted. This is a good horror series. It will shock you when you least expect it. This story takes many turns and there are lots of plot twists that will leave you baffled.

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Saga of Tanya the Evil 幼女戦記

If you wanna see an anime with a little diva who can destroy an army on her own, this is the anime for you. Saga of Tanya the Evil, also known as Yojo Senki 幼女戦記 written by Carlo Zen with the illustrations was done by Shinobu Shinotsuki. This anime is a psychological thriller with a main character who challenges religious beliefs.

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Day 24: A Scene That Shocked You


Day 24: Anime scene that shocked you the most? (Viewers Discretion Advised)

The School Days anime is horrible. The level fuckery in this anime has yet to be matched. Just thinking about it pisses me off and saddens me at the same time.  I saw there anime like 10 years ago and I have been unable to etch it out of my memory.  I did for little while but then it popped back up. But that’s doesn’t really matter nor does it change it.

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