Anime NYC Presents: Sailor Moon Day

Anime NYC is just around the corner.   Alice, Drey and I will all be attending.  Anime NYC, This is the first year of this Crunchyroll sponsored event. I’ve been looking forward to it since I purchased my ticket a little over a month ago. I really excited see what else they have for the Big Apple, My City.

I am proud to announce, On Saturday, November 18th the entire day will be dedicated to Sailor Scouts.

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Day 1: Very First Anime You Watched


Day 1: Very First anime you watched

My very first anime was Sailor Moon.  And twenty some odd years later, I’m still a fan. The first dvd box set I ever brought the The Super S: Elysian Version. I mean Pegusus collection.  The cover illustration Chibi Moon and Usagi.  This also happens to be my favorite season but I’m biased. So fight me. lol

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