Anime NYC 2018 Overview

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Anime NYC was lit! We were planning to end Con Season with a bang and we did that! So where do I begin? Oh yeah, Shout out to Naja of Nice Job Breaking It, Hero. We got a chance to link up for while on Sunday while she attended the con as well. Seems like Anime NYC is a meeting ground for me and my blogging friends but be sure to check her out if you haven’t. Continue reading


4 WEBTOON’s I’m Currently Reading


I’ve dived into the world of WEBTOON. I’m kinda late to the party but I’m here all the same. While I haven’t fully immersed myself there are few stories that I’ve come to love and I’m going to talk about them.

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Where Tangents Meet (Webtoons)

I came upon another webtoon that caught my eye called Where Tangents Meet created by Instantmiso. I was looking for a love story and came upon this one while reading Sirens Lament by the same author. This was a romance story that had me hooked from the very beginning.

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unTouchable (Manhwa)

I just recently got into Webtoon’s and began reading graphic novels again. I came across one called, UNTOUCHABLE, which  I found very interesting. Once I began reading, I was easily hooked. I quickly fell in love with the characters and the artwork. The best part was that it was in color. Plus, the music in the background that went along with each scene was also an interestingly new twist, that made it different from reading regular manga and Manhwa.

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Manhwa Artist Spotlight: 100% Perfect Girl

7 of 7 Week Long Series celebrating Manhwa Artist Wann.

One of the most popular of her work is 100% Perfect Girl this here is a must read that anyone that loves a good romance story will recommend. The artwork is just as gorgeous as her past work,

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Manhwa Artist Spotlight: Talking About…

6 of 7 Week Long Series Celebrating Manhwa Artist Wann.


Summary:  Meet Sarah, successful event planner by day… frustrated 30 year-old virgin by night. Actually, she’s not quite 30 yet. The night before the dreaded birthday, she vows to do something about it.

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Manhwa Artist Spotlight:Why Do You Love Me?

4 of 7 Week Long Series Celebrating Manhwa Artist Wann.


This is one of my favorite manhwa and its on hiatus….for more than 5 or 6 years…no I haven’t given up I have hope for this story to continue I will use my imagination while I wait.

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Manhwa Artist Spotlight:Can’t Lose You

3 of 7 week Long Series Celebrating Manhwa Artist Wann.


 This one of my favorite Manhwa’s by Wann I loved every minute of it and re-read it often. This is a typical romance manhwa and everything ends the way you actually thought and want it to end too. I never read a manhwa or manga and it actually ended the way I wanted it to this is why I love this one so much because no matter how many times I protest to the characters about their stupid decisions I know when I finish this it will end the way it should.

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Manhwa Artist Spotlight: 9 Faces of Love (Part 1 of 3)

1 of 7 Week Long Series Celebrating Manhwa Artist Wann.


This manhwa is a collection of short stories all consisting of love and tragedy. Each story has meaning and after reading this collection I have come to the conclusion that I love dramatic love stories with a little of tragedy. It gives you a fairy tale then snatches it away from you.

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