New York Comic Con 2017

NYCC 2017

Soulcial Dreamin’ Entertainment attended New York City Comic Convention in New York at the Jacob K. Javits Center. This year the convention site was much smaller than usual and it usually entails the entire center but due to it being under repair so space was cut short. Anyone who wished to attend this year had to purchase individual day passes which can be expensive if you planned to go all four days. They were not selling weekend passes this year so the convention activities were extended to other sites, Madison Square Garden, Hammerstein Ballroom, Hudson Mercantile, and the New York Public Library.

This year the convention had plenty of things to do especially on the show floor. There were many comic book guests and movie actors. Many previews of unreleased shows like The Walking Dead season 8 and the world premiere of Sailor Moon Crystal episodes 27 and 28. There were gaming stations that let people test demos of games that have yet to be released like Monster Hunter World and test the beta version of the game, in this game you play a hunter and you must hunt down large creatures. It is an open world game and you could explore the world with your customized character and weapons. Monster Hunter World is due to come out January 2018. I also played Life is Strange: After the Storm the prequel to Life is Strange.

  Most of my time at the convention I spent it on the show floor where you can purchase a variety of items or test new games. There were many vendors and some indie comic book artists, I did visit the Artist Alley section where there were many famous comic book artists like Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez creator of “La Borinquena” the first comic book to have an Afro-Latina superhero of Puerto Rican descendant. I also had the chance to meet John Leguizamo actor and now comic book author published his first comic “Freak”Freak1_FinalCover.jpg

The last thing I did was attend the NYCC Eastern Championships of Cosplay presented by Singer, it is the largest and most prestigious costume contest ever. People are chosen to represent the state they’re participating for in the 2018 C2E2 Crown Championship of Cosplay in Chicago which is the final stop to the Global Championship of Cosplay. Everyone gives it their all to create the ultimate cosplay, this year’s competitors were amazing cosplayers that showed their skills of creativity and hard work.

This year’s New York Comic Con could have been more fun if it wasn’t for the single day passes. Overall I had a good time but I would have liked it more if I made it to some panels but every time I wanted to go the room was full or the line was long. The Jacob Javits Center is huge and it is hard to explore it all in a day. Hopefully next year they resume the three-day and four-day passes so I can have more time to enjoy the convention.

Here are Photos from NYCC 2017

NYCC 2017

Dream Chasin’ with Sang Frais


In the past two years, I’ve had the opportunity to interview some pretty amazing people.  I normally, provide a little anecdotal story detailing our introduction.  While I can’t recall our initial encounter, I know it was definitely via YouTube.  Out of all the interviews, I’ve done, this hands down feels the most personal.  This is someone I’ve admired. This is someone I’ve learned from.  This is someone who’s looked out for me wanting nothing in return.  This is someone I consider a friend.

Nerds and Nerdettes,  Meet Michelle Simon aka Sang Frais

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ERASED 僕だけがいない街

ERASED also known as Boku dake ga inai Machi 僕だけがいない街 is a fantasy/ psychological thriller written and illustrated by Kei Sanbe.  This is a very interesting story. ERASED takes many twists and turns. You will never know what will occur next. 

Satoru Fujinuma, one the main protagonist,  possesses a unique ability that allows him to travel back in time. Mere moments before a tragic incident that occurred in his past. Satoru returns home one evening, to find his mother murdered by a mysterious assailant. 

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Blogs Connect: Meet Stephanie of (AGN)


Anime Girls NYC is a blog, I’ve followed closely for about 8 months now.  And has shown love, time and time again.   On whatever type of content we publish via WordPress site.  So I always make sure to show love back.

“We Build Together” is something we at SDE firmly believe.  When I reached out to Stephanie, AGN founder.  Here’s what she had to say.

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Marvel’s Runaways Cast Revealed



I saw a few write up’s on this a few months ago.  I was hyped.  This was something I was waiting on for a while.  And now that it’s official. A cast photo has been released, proof that this is really going down.

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Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger


If you haven’t noticed by now,  I am a fan of Marvel Comics.  And this Cloak & Dagger series looks like it’s going to be pretty good.  While I’m not familiar with their backstory,  It’s a duo, I’ve heard be bounce around fairly often.  

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Day 10: Favorite Fighter Anime


Day 10: Favorite Fighter Anime?

My favorite fighter anime is Yu Yu Hakusho.  I legit-Ly loved everything about this anime. The story line.  Character designs and overall dynamic between said characters. This series altered the way I lived my life.  This series helped me gain a new vision. And for that, I am forever grateful. And over ten years later, the mere though still puts a smile on my face.  I still find inspiration in it.

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Hana Kimi 花ざかりの君たちへ



Hana Kimi is manga series serialize in 1996 by Hisaya Nakajo. The series ran until 2004 ending  with a total of 23 volumes  Published in Japan by Hakusensha’s  and in North American published by Viz Media.

Hana Kimi follows Mizuki Ashiya High school students currently living in United States, convinced her parents to allow her to study aboard back in her Motherland- Japan. Mizuki unbeknownst to her parents, enrolls in a Ohsaka Gakuen an All Boys Boarding School with the intent of saving her idol Izumi Sano. She eventually gets caught, but with the help of Sano and Hokuto Umeda the school nurse she’s able to maintain her cover.  For a while longer, anyway.

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