Neo Yokio (Official Trailer)

Neo Yokio is a six-episode animated series premiering on Netflix. It is produced in collaboration between Studio Deen and Production I.G. Inc. Some notable series developed by Production I.G. Inc. are Ghost in the Shell, Eden of the East and Psycho-Pass. Some notable series produced by Studio Deen are Hetalia, Rurouni Kenshin, and Fate/Stay Night. The cast includes rising star Jaden Smith, veteran actors Susan Saradon, Jude Law and Steve Buscemi.

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Soulcial Sunday 2016 Reflection


We want to wish you all a Happy New Year! We can’t even put into words how much your support means to us and how we have really pushed through the horror of 2016 together. We really want to thank all you from the bottom of our hearts for keeping us going on this vision we have, seeing people take interest in what we do makes us keep fighting to make this dream of our come true. Continue reading

Nina Revisited: A Tribute to Nina Simone

This is the album that accompanied the New Netflix Documentary: What Happen, Miss Simone?

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What Happen, Miss Simone?

A few weeks ago Netflix released Nina Simone’s biographical documentary starting from her start in music  to her coming the jazz Icon she is. In the documentary there is interviews with Nina Simone explaining how started singing songs people wanted her to sing and how it destroyed her mentally to singing songs she wanted to sing and empowering herself and other African American people. The documentary is a powerful experience going through her life ups and downs.

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a show created by Tina Fey & Robert Carlock. All episode have been on Netflix since March 6, 2015 and i believe there is a season 2 in the woks since this show was really successful. The comedy show has receive so much positive feedback just like any Netflix Original Series like i said before Netflix is on a roll with these series it’s like you rally don’t go on to kill time or watch old movies while a new season of a Netflix Original is out.

The lead actress Ellie Kemper who plays Kimmy Schmidt dominates this role i love her character and the idea of her learning the new world after being locked in a underground bunker for 15 years with 3 other women a deranged reverend who is played by the very attractive Jon Hamm but he kidnapped 3 women and put them in a bunker for 15 years and had one willing live there joining his cult so that knocks off points. His character was so charismatic that i was really convinced he was going to leave that trail a free man, those episodes we’re with Tina Fey and her character made the trail funny even. The story line is funny and i would watch this again i’m now just patiently waiting for season 2.

My Favorite character after meeting him in the first episode is Tituss Burgess also known as Titus Andromedon (Keeping his name had to be so much fun on set.) His character made me continue watching the show everything he said was so sassy and his singing was the best every time he singed the show got funnier and funnier my favorite episode was Kimmy’s Birthday and Titus was on fire in that episode and in the episode making a music video in Jacqueline’s house the funniest thing i ever seen.  I seriously love this character that i really hope there is a episode dedicated to him.

I recommend this show to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet it’s worth the binge watch. Tina & Robert did a wonderful job on this comedy it’s been a while seeing a really good comedy looking forward to season 2.