Girl Got Game (Manga)

Girl Got Game (Power!!) by Shizuru Seino

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Treadwater Issue #1 – Biohazard

Synopsis:  In the wake of a global economic meltdown, chaos erupts and the world’s safety is jeopardized by a new wave of crime and terror. A privately funded team of hi-tech special operatives is assembled, known as TREADWATER, the only force standing between hope and anarchy.

As Germany forms its aggressive stance behind a true military German patriot, General Kirklau, it becomes more than evident that the balance of global powers is all but obsolete. Governments and world-wide organizations have their hands tied, as one wrong move by any of the could launch an all-out world war. Treadwater is the only organization taking a proactive stance to keep the world afloat, while others helplessly do just that – tread water.

Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama, Graphic Novel, Original Series, Post- Apocalyptic, Sci-fi, Fantasy


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Princess Jellyfish 海月姫


Rena Nounen as Tsukimi was a pretty accurate casting; very believable.  The rest of Sisterhood’s casting was pretty phenomenal as well.  Azusa Babazono has the closes likeness appearance wise to her character Chieko.   Rina Ohta captured Mayaya’s mannerism to a T.   Chizuru Ikewaki and  Tomoe Shinohara who played Jiji and Banba weren’t half bad as well.

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Manhwa Artist Spotlight: Heart to Give

2 of 7 Week Long Series Celebrating Manhwa Artist Wann.


This is a ongoing project it is 8 volumes long but only 2 of them have been translated but the story is interesting that’s what made me want o actually wait for it. I usually wait for any Manhwa or Manga to be completed or close to done before I start reading but this one caught my eye and the story was one you don’t encounter all the time.

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Nina Revisited: A Tribute to Nina Simone

This is the album that accompanied the New Netflix Documentary: What Happen, Miss Simone?

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What Happen, Miss Simone?

A few weeks ago Netflix released Nina Simone’s biographical documentary starting from her start in music  to her coming the jazz Icon she is. In the documentary there is interviews with Nina Simone explaining how started singing songs people wanted her to sing and how it destroyed her mentally to singing songs she wanted to sing and empowering herself and other African American people. The documentary is a powerful experience going through her life ups and downs.

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Attack On Titan: Live Action Trailer

The trailer came out on July 16th and it was epic no one can make a live action movie like japan can they will always be the best in that category. This movie is going to be just a good as the anime I believe they will touch on a lot of the anime the graphics look amazing that sure as hell was not disappointing.

From the trailer we can figure that the titans will actually look like the titans from the anime. You can tell who the characters are off the back so there is no need for an introduction. everything about the trailer shows that the movies is going to be good. The movie comes in 2 parts the US release dates are unknown right now but in japan it will be releasing on August 1st and September 19 of this year.

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Recommendations: Kim Possible


Kim Possible. Opening Points?

The villains were… different. The character dynamic was interested.  The names were priceless. On a side note, I’m not sure whether it was clever or just lazy. Other then that, story was pretty well written. Reflecting on it now, I appreciate it so much more.

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