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Amnesia アムネシア (Amuneshia) is a story centralized on a heroine who has amnesia and her journey to find her lost memories. With the help of several possible love interests and her spirit guide Orion, the heroine slowly recovers parts of her memories. The main character finds herself in a different situation every time a crisis occurs in an alternate universe with a different love interest. Each encounter is different depending on her love interest and her interactions with the other male characters. This anime is based on a otome (visual novel) game of the same name.

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Day 13: Character You’re Most Similar To


Day 13: Anime character who you are most similar to?

Haruhi Fujioka.  My Senpai in life. The Big Homie.  Alice might try and disagree but that’s what I see when I look at Haruhi- Me!

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Alice in the Country of Hearts

My Favorite Reverse Harem I have read so far is Alice in the Country of Hearts.

I love reading manga and the one that stood out the most to me is Alice in the Country of Hearts by Quin Rose. This manga is my all time favorite. Quin Rose is a mad genous. It is the best reverse harem I ever read. I usually don’t spend money on manga but this was worth every penny. I loved this series because, Quin Rose gives you a view of the storyline in different ways. The audience gets to view how the main character Alice is in a relationship with different characters. Quin Rose shows you different dimensions of Alice and her choice of relationship. She shows you a different version of Alice in Wonderland you never seen before. The storyline is very unique not many manga’s show you different views of: what if, she/he was with him/her?

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#30DayAnimeChallenge: Day 2

Day 2: What is your favorite anime you’ve watched so far?

My favorite anime I’ve watched so far is “B-Project Kodou Ambitious”. It is a reverse harem which is my favorite genre of anime. The creator of this anime also did another anime that is similar called “Uta no Prince Sama” were u can see some similar features between some of the characters. After seeing “Uta no Prince Sama”, I had to watch this anime. This show leaves you  full of excitement wondering what will happen next or, wondering who Tsubasa likes the most? This show is a must see for any reverse harem fan.

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Ouran High School Host Club

OSHC by Bisco Hatori

Ouran follows Haruhi Fujioka a scholarship student at the famous Ouran Academy. After,unknowingly walking into the club headquarters of the Ouran Host Club. Due to unforeseen circumstances she is forced into the Host Club to pay off a debt.

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