12 Days of Anime: Beauty Pop (Manga)



Beauty Pop is one of my favorite manga to reread each year because I can never get tired of this story. I wasn’t a really big fan of shoujo manga but Beauty Pop definitely changed that for me. I love a good shoujo manga with a strong female character that doesn’t just fall head over heels over the first guy that talks to her. These storylines are quite hard to find but I have a few on my bookcase.

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DAY 8: Favorite Anime Couple

My favorite anime couple is Shirayuki and Zen from Snow White with the Red Hair. They are the perfect couple. I would get excited while watching the series waiting for them to kiss. Shirayuki is shy,timid,smart, and head strong. Then Prince Zen is strong,charismatic, protective. As the story unfolds it is exciting watching thier relationship grow. Both, Shirayuki and Prince Zen have to fight for thier love due to thier social standing. I love the fact that Prince Zen would due anything to protect Shirayuki the one he loves.They both work hard and overcome many obstacles in thier relationship. This makes them my favorite anime couple.

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