WinC Convention: 2018

Women in Comics Collective (WinC), is an initiative founded by Regina Sawyer in 2012 to educate, promote and support a movement towards women working in the Comic Books and under other media umbrellas. In their outreach WinC hosts events, workshops and other activities throughout the country. This past weekend, June 30, 2018, we attended one of their events in New York City.

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#31DaysofWomeninMedia – Day 23


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Vixen is one of my favorite DC Superheroines in the DCU, I really love her powers. Being able to embody the strength and abilities of an animal is one of the most underrated powers. Vixen gets her powers from The Tantu Totem, A fox-shaped talisman created by the African trickster god Anansi the spider. Vixen the first African Female DC superhero back in 1978 to get her own comic series but it was sadly canceled before release but even though Vixen never got the chance to shine in her own series until Vixen: Return of the Lion in 2008. Continue reading

Women in Comics Convention


The WINC ( Women In Comics Convention) was on March 12th this is its second year and still going strong, the event was created by Regine L. Sawyer. The SDE team visited the event at the Bronx Library Center to check it out since this was the first time we have heard of it we got a few pictures of the event and the purchases that I made there. I spent way over the budget I was aiming for but I did pick up a lot of art to add to my wall. There were so many artists with beautiful art both women and men came out to support the artist that came to sell their work. We didn’t buy from everyone and I think we only missed 2 tables that we didn’t go up to. Continue reading

Soulcial Sundays

We have decided to change the name of Sunday Funday to Soulcial Sundays it will still be the same announcement post with the weekly positive encouragement.

This past Saturday on March 12th was the 2nd annual Women in Comics Convention. We decided to check it out since this was the first time we heard of it. The WINC (Women in Comics Convention)  was a bigger turnout than we thought it would be being in its second year it was a free event in the lower level of the Bronx Library Center it was a big enough space for the event with an auditorium for panels and screenings and a area where workshops were going on.

There will be a posted soon about who we met and all the purchases we made there.

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