Yuri On Ice

I finally got to watch the famous and most talked about show Yuri On Ice. I really enjoyed this anime. This anime really gave me a idea about the world of Ice Skating. I was not really interested in ice skating  until I saw this anime which is interesting for me. I only learned about Ice Skating by watching this anime. I really enjoyed watching them perform and tell a story though their performance on stage. I really got an inside of what the Ice Skating world was like.

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Yaoi Appreciation: Gravitation (Manga)


Creator: Maki Murakami, Genre:  Comedy, Music, Shōnen-ai

Manga Status: 12 Volumes (Complete)

Anime: 13 Episodes (Complete)

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Yaoi Appreciation: ViewFinder

most likely will not be safe for work.

This week is Viewfinder by Ayano Yamane this is like the holy grail of yaoi now before it was sex pistols and Junjo Romantica. they we’re good but nothing topped the art of Ayano Yamane. The story line was a super rich guy with power over everything and everyone X the average dude whose job is to find good stories for the paper. This has been read by so many yaoi manga lovers that every other person was putting it on a pedestal as did I but the difference for me was the art and the characters we’re entertaining too also the hype could of had some play in that too.

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